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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I can do that!

Since moving halfway across the country to start a new job (hooray for superhero public librarians!), I've found myself looking for a new creative outlet.  I don't know many people and I haven't re-established ties to most of the ways I used to expend my creative energy - a good yoga class, a choir, a regular swing dance venue, a writing group, or even just a circle of crafty friends.  So I've gotten the itch to try new things on my own. 

I sort of decided to tackle recipes, candles, bath products, knitted items, and hair accessories ... simultaneously.

See, here's how my brain works:
Step 1. I see something I like.  Maybe it's on Etsy, or in a magazine, or a blog, or in your house.
Step 2.  I think "I can do that!"
Step 3. Mayhem ensues, occasionally result in creating the thing I wanted in the first place.

As you can imagine, this results in a lot of error for my trial.  After a batch of bath fizzies literally exploded all over my kitchen, I realized I really, really wished I had been taking pictures of this stuff.  I mean, you probably only get to blow up pink grapefruit goo once in your life. (Believe me, you only want to clean it up once ...)

So I'll be sharing my misadventures in the kitchen, craft room, and, should the midwest ever decide to thaw out, vegetable garden. I'll take pictures of my successes and failures, post tips and tricks, and link to the best tutorials and guides I can find.  That way, you won't make my mistakes - you can make your own.

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