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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easy Knitted Lace

My newest knitting project, courtesy of Knitty.com.  The pattern is called Palette.  

I've always been a little wary about knitting lace.  I get all excited about some pretty pattern that only takes one skein of yarn, and then I knit about six inches, realize I can't see the lace pattern at all, panic, and stuff it in the back of a drawer somewhere.

So when I tell you that this pattern is easy, easy knitted lace, believe me!  Totally unintimidating.  Just do buy more yarn than the pattern says.  I thought I could get away with one skein (this is Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, color Glacier Bay)  only to run out less than halfway through.  I knit pretty tightly, but still. 

The running-out-of-yarn hiccup kept me from giving this as a mother's day gift.  Birthday present it is!

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